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Minor Surgery

All of the doctors perform some minor surgery and Dr. McCormick has a particular interest in minor surgical procedures.  Dr. McCormick is a member of the Primary Care Surgical Association of Ireland which is a grouping of General Practitioners with an interest in minor surgery.

The new Medical Centre in Clonbrusk is equipped with a sterilisation suite and minor surgical operating suite which is appropriately equipped to carry out a range of minor surgical procedures in a safe and sterile fashion.

Procedures carried out:

  • Suturing of wounds
  • Removal of in-growing toenails and permanent eradication of the outer fold of the nail growth plate reducing the risk of recurrence
  • Removal of sebaceous cysts and other cysts from the skin
  • Removal of cysts from the eye (Meibomian Cyst or Chalazion)
  • Removal of moles and unwanted skin tags
  • Excision of retention cysts inside the mouth and on the lip
  • Excision of facial and other cysts
  • Biopsy of skin lesions including incisional biopsy excisional, shave and curettage.
  • Excision of non-melanoma skin cancers
  • Removal of lipomas
  • Incision and drainage of thrombosed external haemorrhoids
  • Division of frenulum in tongue tie and with the foreskin
  • Removal and insertion of Mirena and Implanon

These procedures are carried out on a daily basis and can be arranged with doctors concerned

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